Repeat karaoke

(Nu ska vi Tjejsjunga)

Full night karaoke with only one pop song, available at three different speeds (normal, super fast and super slow). I am your host, we sing for a specified number of hours (at least three) Listening on repeat is a way to investigate a songs poetry and hidden meaning and your feelings about it, but here we do it together, with singing.

I love karaoke because of the bravery and commitment, and I love the act of repeat because revisiting unfolds layers, and because it becomes hypnotic, unbearable and amazing.

Previous songs investigated:
Halo (by Beyonce)
All I want for Christmas is you (by Mariah Carey)
I want to break free (by Queen)
Careless whisper (by Wham)


Halo – superspeed :

Halo – super slow: