Galleri Händerna

Sculpture by Mattias Hellberg
Sculptures by Finn Öhlund
Cave by Ramzi., animation by Anton Alvarez (shown in the Hand-in Cinema)
Nostalgica, Bubblan, video by Hannah Federley Holmkvist (shown in the Hand-in Cinema)
Gallery the Hands
Portrait of Jinda Dijwar by Hannes Isaksson
Sculptures by Finn Öhlund
Sculpture by Mattias Hellberg
Dreamcatcher Performance, by Caroline Donath
J.B. Cookies, site-specific by Josefin Bergström
"Your other world" by Hampus Wilhelmsson
the Hand-in Cinema, created by Linnea Hansander and Nils Sandoz Karlsson
Hjärnan Darrar (the Brain Shivers) installation by Klara Wiksten
Death to Barbie, installation by Hanna Rubin

Galleri Händerna (Gallery The Hands) is a mobile exhibition space that exists in the palms of the gallery hosts, during specific times on specific places. Its’ one permanent fixture is the Hand-in Cinema, used to show video projections.

Gallery hosts are instructed to move around casually in the given area at the given time, connect with people passing by, and ask them if the want to see something. If the passer-by wants to see, the gallery host shows the object/artwork they keep hidden in their hand.

Gallery The Hands is a gallery aspiring to show art work within an action of intimacy. It also works with norms of non-interaction in public spaces. (quite a few people say “no” when asked if they want to see. Those who say “yes” are greatly rewarded.)

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