Fantasy Utopia Edition


Fantasy Utopia Edition is a ritual for evaluation, a voice-guided hypno-therapy-tour through your inner architecture of memory, and a museum of experiences using your consciousness as exhibition space.

Any system of experiences can be evaluated, and in the Fantasy Utopia Edition of something, the intended / promised conditions of a system are presented to you as you walk through your inner rooms. If an experience is lacking that room will remain empty.
The ritual evaluates by making the discrepancies visible – the difference between how things should have been and how they actually were.
The ritual could be carried out in relation to any set of experiences, but preferably to a system that has some promises attached (such as a museum, the school system, or love)


Previous shows:
the art world : Fantasy Utopia Edition – Vårsalong Åsgatan, Falun (2013)
curating exhibitions : Fantasy Utopia Edition – HDK (Högskolan för Design och Konsthantverk), Göteborg (2013)
the art world : Fantasy Utopia Edition – Klubb M/S, Rost, Stockholm (2013)
the art world: Fantasy Utopia Edition – Tomma Rum AIR Project, Unnaryd, Sweden (2013)