Fantasy Utopia Edition


Fantasy Utopia Edition is a voice-guided tour through your own mental rooms of memories, and a museum using your consciousness as exhibition space. We all carry a museum within our minds – a museum of art we have seen, projects we have initiated or films we have watched.

Is your collection fair and reasonable? Who made theartworks in your museum, whose lives do the films collected depict? And who’s experiences have you been addressing in the projects you have had the chance to initiate?

In Fantasy Utopia Edition, what’s missing in your collection is what will now be made visible.
Welcome to a perfect (art)world.

Fantasy Utopia Edition is a concept applicable to existing exhibitions, such as a physical museum or festival; or to an existing practice of art production (as Fantasy Utopia : the Producers). It can also be carried out in relation only to the art you have been exposed to in your lifetime.

Fantasy Utopia Edition uses methods influenced by hypno-therapy, and each room is described using directed associations and triggers.


Previous shows:
Fantasy Utopia Edition : the Producers – HDK (Högskolan för Design och Konsthantverk), Göteborg (dec 2013)
Fantasy Utopia Edition : Your Own Contemporary Art Museum – Klubb M/S, Rost, Stockholm (nov 2013)
Fantasy Utopia Edition : Your Own Contemporary Art Museum – Tomma Rum AIR Project, Unnaryd, Sweden (july 2013)